British Columbia: Canada's 'other' Maritime Province

A dramatic landscape of wild, unbridled beauty and rich, vibrant history.

For over twenty years, Tiller’s Folly have been uniting past with present as modern-day storytellers of lore, singing the West’s pioneer history to life. From the outset, the band aspired to create acoustic music that is thoughtful, progressive, yet timeless in nature. Music that represents their Pacific Coastal home. They set out to preserve a measure of the West’s colonial heritage in stories & songs.

Drawing influence from Scottish, Irish and Maritime Music traditions, Tiller’s Folly have continued to expand and refine their potent blend of Pacific Canadiana and ‘beyond.’

“‘As one of the tightest, and unflinchingly focused, folk bands in the
nation, Tiller’s Folly continues to produce music that is both distinctly
Canadian and firmly rooted in the Celtic tradition.
Stirring Up Ghosts confirms that Tiller’s Folly is a national treasure.”

– Peter North, Edmonton Journal

The toast of the Pacific Coast, Tiller’s Folly have carried their songs & stories across Canada, the United States & the British Isles, sharing their memorable blend of energy, history, musicality, virtuosity, romance and just plain fun!

Nolan Murray

The ‘Fiddling Fury‘ (fiddle, mandolin, mandocaster & more) Find out all about Nolan and his chequered past!

Bruce Coughlan

Bruce Coughlan

Performer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, storyteller, compere & workshop facilitator.

Laurence Knight

Laurence Knight

Tiller’s Folly co-founder, bassist, vocalist & producer


“This full-throated Canadian Celtic group, a cross between Stan Rogers and the Clancy Brothers, is on a stirring crusade.”

Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun

“The band are all masters in their own right and their music and audience rapport earned them the sheer adulation of the Celtic music lovers at Speyfest.”

James Alexander, Artistic Director, Speyfest, Fochabers, Scotland

“Original melodic folk/rock that works on two levels: as a history lesson and as good music in its own right.”

Dirty Linen Magazine

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