(fiddle, mandolin, mandocaster, 5-string banjo, viola, guitar & more)

Nolan has a long history as a multi-instrumentalist gun-for-hire who at an early age, parlayed an impressive list of championships into a touring/recording career that has spanned decades.

Throughout that time, he’s left his musical imprint with a long list of iconic performers including Loretta Lynn, Brenda Lee, John Fogerty ,The Irish Rovers, Randy Travis, John Cowan, Ricky Van Shelton, David Frizzell, Patricia Conroy, Gary Fjellgaard, Jess Lee, Funk Brother’s Bob Babbitt, Wrecking Crew’s Larry Knechtel.

Highlights of awards include Oregon State fiddle Champion, Top ten Grand Masters Champion, Top ten US National Fiddle Champion, International World Bluegrass Championship Band. BCCMA Instrumentalist of the Year 89,90,92, Western Canadian Bluegrass Fiddle Champion and CCMA Citation – All Star Band.

Beyond his explosive improvised solos, lies a broad pallet of richly diverse influences. In joining Tiller’s Folly in 2002, Nolan Murray caused Tiller’s Folly to encompass an ever widening range of musical styles.

Solo Recordings
Nolan Murray – Heavy Wood (2010)

Heavy Wood is a diverse offering by award-winning multi-instrumentalist Nolan Murray. The album features a plethora of legendary Grammy-award winning artists (Wrecking Crew, Funk Brothers, etc). Musical guests include John Cowan (Newgrass Revival, John Cowan Band, Doobie Brothers) Larry Knechtel (Wrecking Crew) Bob Babbitt (Motown) along with Tiller’s Folly bandmates Bruce Coughlan & Laurence Knight.

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