• RELEASE DATE /July 1, 2012
  • CATALOG /643157420736
  • LABEL /Raincoast Records
  • FORMAT /Digital / CD

Liner Notes

Bruce Coughlanvocals, acoustic guitar & harmonica
Laurence Knightacoustic bass & vocals
Nolan Murraymandolin, fiddle, guitar & tenor guitar
Joby Bakerdrums, shakers & vocals
Jeff Autryacoustic guitar
Sam Bushmandolin & vocals
Cia Cherryholmevocals
John Cowanvocals
Phil Cunninghamaccordion
Randy Kohrsresophonic guitar
Ronnie McCourymandolin & vocals
Josh Shillingvocals
Scott Vestalbanjo
Wendy Waldmanvocals

Strings by Joby Bakerdouble bass & Nolan Murrayviolin & viola

Produced by Joby Baker
Music Director – Nolan Murray
Executive Producer – Laurence Knight
Associate Producer – Brian Smith
All songs written & arranged by Bruce Coughlan

Pre-production by Soren Lonnqvist, Studio Down Under – Abbotsford, BC
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joby BakerBaker Studios, Victoria, BC
Additional tracking by Scott VestalDigital Underground, Greenbrier, TN
Additional tracking by Stuart HamiltonCastel Sound Studios, Edinburgh, Scotland
Additional tracking by Randy KohrsSlack Key Studios, Nashville, TN
Additional tracking by Wendy WaldmanLonghouse Studios, Northridge, CA
Artwork by Carylann LeoppkeyDope Designs, Vancouver, BC

Jeff Autrey, John Cowan & Scott Vestal appear courtesy of they bad old selves.
Sam Bush appears courtesy of Sugar Hill Records
Cia Cherryholmes appears courtesy of Stetson & Cia
Phil Cunnigham appears courtesy of Phil Cunningham
Randy Kohrs appears courtesy of Rural Rhythm Records
Ronnie McCoury appears courtesy of McCoury Music
Josh Shilling appears courtesy of MH Music Group
Wendy Waldman appears courtesy of Longhouse Records

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Few words

The title song was inspired in part by Ewan MacColl’s brilliant song, Freeborn Man and the title Go the Road is a phrase borrowed from Frank Delaney’s magical book Ireland. The term describes the life of an itinerant storyteller who wanders the countryside, staying with people who will feed him and give shelter in exchange for telling stories.

The story mirrors in many ways, my own. Having left home at an early age, I made my way by busking on the streets of  Vancouver, Canada. Since that time, I’ve literally gone the road, performing, touring, recording and always, always writing. Now, after more than three decades of pursuit, I’ve found my voice in the roots music genre.

Sharing, supporting and nurturing the ever-evolving Tillers Folly sound are long-time road-mates, and band-mates Laurence Knight and Nolan Murray. Together, these three friends form the tight-knit core of their many exciting musical adventures, easily adapting to, and interacting with a long line of creative characters in a myriad of musical genres.

In recording Go the Road, Tillers Folly invited some truly inspired (and even iconic) artists to share in the recording. The exceptional support they received, both musically and spiritually throughout the project has deemed this recording a huge success already and it hasn’t been released yet.

  • Bruce Coughlan 2012