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The backbone of any independent artist’s career is the support which he/she receives from friends, fans and associates. Everyone who buys a ticket to a show, purchases CDs or downloads and shares your music with their friends. Everyone who introduces new opportunities, supports crowdfunding initiatives or promotes you to a new venue. Friends who pick you up at airports and ferry landings and billet you in their homes; Every degree of support is a blessing!

If you’d like to lend your support (on any level) thank you! I am grateful for your help and your encouragement!

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Social Media

Another way you can lend your support is through social media. Please Like, Follow and Share posts from my FaceBook Page.

I’m very new to Instagram, so any encouragement, sharing, following could only help, thanks!

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Sharing is Caring

Opportunities usually begin with a referral. A friend, fan or fellow performer passes on a valuable piece of personal information (a contact, showcase, venue, radio show, contest, event, grant, festival submission, etc.). If it’s a personal connection, all the better!

Please share any info/contacts/initiatives you think I would do well to pursue.


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